24 Santa Products for Creating Christmas Magic by Australian Makers

Help Santa come to town with this wonderful range of Christmas cheer gear and create a magical Christmas for your little ones from December 1 to 25! There’s everything Santa’s support crew could possibly need, from naughty or nice surveillance to gift delivery logistics for getting in and out, communications with the big man himself, reindeer feeding and some magical lost property…Trust us, you’ll have as much fun as the kids with these clever handmade ideas from Australian small businesses.

Our picks feature affiliate links, so we may receive a small commission from any purchase at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting these local small businesses!

Naughty or Nice 


This personalised Santa Meter is the perfect Christmas ornament for the littlies. It features a moveable arrow so you can change the position each day, depending on whether the day is leaning towards nice or naughty or somewhere in between!

Made using quality laser cut 3mm plywood, it includes twine with a wooden bead for hanging and a beautiful keepsake box at no extra charge.

Made by busy elves in Perth, Western Australia.


This sign will help keep your littlies on their best behaviour in the lead up to Christmas! Wording can either be Santa or Elf Cam, in the heading colour of your choice. 

Made from 3mm acrylic and created using engraving, paint, print and resin, this sign can be propped up or adhered inside or outside your home as a handy reminder and fun decoration.

Made with care in Perth, Western Australia.


Keep the kiddos in check this Christmas with the Elf Surveillance Cam! This unique decoration is made from premium wood and acrylic, personalised for your family. You can also choose to have magnets for the back or it can be hung on your tree – at kiddy level is perfect for a handy reminder Santa’s watching!

Made by a hardworking elf in Adelaide, South Australia.

Santa Stop Here Signs


This sweet personalised Christmas sign features a natural laminated plywood base, with Santa and his sleigh gliding through a night sky detailed with little engraved and cut out stars. Your child’s name (maximum of 2) is etched and the ornament hung on natural leather.

Made with Christmas cheer in Melbourne, Victoria.


These beautiful and personalised arched Christmas signs let Santa know whose house he is in at a glance! 

Each sign comes with a wooden stand, and you can choose between clear and painted acrylic or frosted acrylic, with high quality vinyl used for the details.

Made with love in South Australia, Australia.


Make it easy for Santa to find you every Christmas with this beautiful banner style “Santa please stop here for” sign!

Made from 3mm white acrylic and pine plywood, it comes with natural rope and two wooden beads for detail and then personalised with your child’s name.

Designed to hang over your child’s bedroom door handle or at the front door.

Made with love in Melbourne, Victoria.


This mini felt “Santa please stop here” flag is a great size for hanging on the wall or from a door handle. 

Made of wool felt with a choice of 2 colours, these are made to order, with white text and the choice of gold or silver foil vinyl for the Santa sleigh & reindeer. It includes wooden dowel and cotton twine attached for easy hanging.

Sharing the spirit of Christmas from Bendigo, Victoria.

Letters to Santa


It’s time to write to Santa! This Dear Santa Letter will make sure your little ones’ wishes are delivered to the North Pole. Wooden and reusable, this letter includes a wish list, a space to rate their behaviour, and plenty of room to write. Perfect to add to the Christmas album – use a whiteboard marker to see their writing and wishes change each year.

Beautifully crafted from wood with the spaces to write made from white acrylic, complete with a super cute Santa hat motif.

Handmade with love in Adelaide, South Australia.


Santa Claus is coming to town! Our personalised ‘Letter to Santa’ Wooden Envelope Ornament is a special keepsake to display on your tree year after year. Create a beautiful Christmas tradition for your little love, and a special place to leave their letters to Santa. Beautifully handcrafted and personalised for your little ones, finished with a unique gold stamp.

Simply hang the ornament on your tree with the burgundy velvet ribbon provided, and have your child pop their letter to Santa inside. And the best part? You can re-use it year after year! 

Made with Christmas cheer in Brisbane, Queensland.

Letters from Santa


Receive a letter from Santa with news of his preparations in the toy workshop before his Christmas Eve sleigh ride! He shares the good news that your little one has made Santa’s Nice List for all their good deeds this year, and finishes with a reminder to leave out some milk and cookies, plus a carrot for the reindeer of course!

This Santa Letter template is an instant download that can be edited in CANVA. It’s fully customisable, but the wording is so sweet you needn’t do a thing but add your child’s name. It comes with a Nice Certificate and a printable envelope template.

Designed with love in Sydney, New South Wales.


Delight your little one with a truly magical personalised letter from Santa! Each beautifully designed letter is printed on thick, high-quality paper with gold foil accents for that special sparkle. Complete with a burgundy and gold embossed envelope and wax seal stamp, your little love is sure to be enchanted this festive season. This letter has been designed to accommodate one or more children (eg: “To Oliver” or “To Oliver, Grace and Noah”).

Santa writes from his North Pole workshop as he gets ready to embark on his magical journey. He has checked his Nice List twice and it’s good news for your recipient! 

He shares that the holiday season is about spending time with loved ones, spreading happiness and acts of kindness. Your child is encouraged to continue making the world a brighter place. 

Made with love and care in Brisbane, Queensland.


Santa wanted to write and let your child know that he plans to visit them on Christmas Eve. He shares that he’s been busy with the elves getting ready for his round the world trip. He also asks the recipient to make sure they go to bed early so that his Christmas magic works properly!

This vintage post style, DIY printable letter template is quick and easy to personalise. You can access your template directly after purchase and edit using Corel – a web based template editor that works in your browser, and also on your mobile or tablet! No need to install software or download fonts. All text is 100% fully editable.

Sharing the joy of Christmas from Melbourne, Victoria.

Santa’s Magic Key


A personalised Santa’s Magic Key is a lovely surprise for the little ones this Christmas!

Poem reads:
There is no chimney here to see,
So here’s a special magic key,
Just use the key on Christmas Eve,
And put it back before you leave. 

The engraving is made on eucalyptus wood and “Santa’s Magic Key” text and key are made from gold acrylic mirror. You can choose between white or red ribbon to add to the key plaque.

Lovingly made in Victoria, Australia.


Help Santa get in and deliver his presents with this magic key to your house! This can be the beginning of a new tradition for your family this Christmas. Your little ones will be excited that Santa doesn’t need a chimney for his special delivery!

Making Santa’s job easier in Melbourne, Victoria


Adding Santa’s Magical Key to your Christmas kit is a sweet way to help celebrate the season with your little ones. Imaginative fun is ready to be unlocked on this special holiday!

Each key is made of 3mm plywood and comes with a silver MDF snowflake key.

Made with a sprinkle of Christmas magic in Brisbane, Queensland.

Christmas Eve Treats 


Santa will be so happy when you leave a treat and a glass of milk out for him and carrots for his reindeer thanking him for his hard work! 

This board reads:
Thank you for visiting our home,
Although we are fast asleep,
We knew you were coming,
So here’s a little treat.

Made with love in Melbourne, Victoria.


This holiday season, don’t forget to show your gratitude to Santa and his hardworking reindeer by leaving out a delicious treat for them to enjoy. This Santa treat tray is the perfect way to make sure they know how much you appreciate their magical visit.

Fill it with cookies, carrots, or any of Santa and the reindeers’ favourite snacks. Not only will it bring joy to your home, but it will also make sure Santa and his team have the energy they need to continue their journey around the world.

Crafted with care and festively designed in Kurunjang, Victoria.


Make Christmas Eve even more special for your little one with the addition of a Milk for Santa bottle.

Each bottle holds 250ml and is personalised with black permanent vinyl. It comes with a metal cap and disposable red and white paper straw.

Sharing holiday cheer from Happy Valley, South Australia.


This is an adorable Christmas Eve activity to do with your children or grandchildren before settling in for night!

Guide Rudolph and his team this Christmas Eve with some magical reindeer food. Sprinkle the mix of oats, edible glitter and edible silver balls in the yard for Santa’s arrival and the reindeer will have something to eat after all their hard work!

Package reads: 
Sprinkle on the lawn Christmas Eve night,
The moonlight will make it sparkle bright.
As Santa’s reindeer fly and roam,
This will guide them to your home.

A great gift for the young and young at heart!

Made by clever elves in Sydney, New South Wales

Santa Boot Prints 


Make some Christmas fun for your little ones with this lifesize Santa Claus boot stencil.

To use simply lay it on a flat floor. Sift flour or icing sugar through a sifter directly over the stencil. And voila! Magical Santa shoe prints. 

Handmade in Melbourne, Victoria.

Rudolph’s Lost Bell 


This is just too cute! How did Rudolph lose his bell and tag? Did it get caught on the Christmas tree? You decide on the story and add to the magic of Christmas for your little ones!

The tag is laser engraved and cut from 3mm thick gold mirror acrylic and attached to a quality plywood backing. It comes complete with a length of suede cord, piece of red ribbon and little jingle bell – only the best for Rudolph!

Made by jingle bell testers in Perth, Western Australia.

Santa Gift Tags


Bring some Christmas joy with these beautiful hanging Santa gift tags featuring your choice of name. Perfect for a first Christmas or family keepsake. Tags come with Santa’s signature and stamp of authentication.

They’re made with ethically sourced, forestry certified wood with the design UV printed onto the tag. Choose from either North Pole or Reindeer Express design. They’re super durable and come ready to hang with a silver or natural hemp cord.

Made with love and care in Sydney, New South Wales.


Get ready to take your gifting game to the next level with these special delivery plaques in mirror acrylic or timber. A lovely personalised touch, crafted from high-quality materials.

Made for giving in Melbourne, Victoria.


Do you want to give Santa presents that extra special touch? Why not add the “Official Seal of the North Pole” to each present to show that it has been officially delivered by Santa himself and Elf approved. 

You’ll receive 9 x 5cm stickers and 12 x 4cm stickers which are available in the full range of foil colours. If you choose the half and half option with two foil colours, the bigger stickers will be one colour and the smaller stickers another colour.

Created by a small business in Brisbane, Queensland.

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