Merry And Bright Gold Ink Christmas Gift Tags


Seller: CocoPress

Few experiences are more exciting than seeing a brightly colored present beneath a bristling Christmas tree. As you approach the gift, you are filled with anticipation and wonder. Gift tags can elevate your already impeccable gift-giving skills because they offer a touch of rustic whimsy to an already delightful moment in time. These Kraft gift cards exemplify the magic of the holiday season as they harken back to a simpler time with their flowing script and glistening ribbon.

This listing is for a set of holiday gift tags with the following details:
Style: Merry and Bright gift tags
Measurements: 9.5 x 5.5 cm (3.7 x 2 inches)
Quantity: Sets of 3 gift tags

Each gift tag is crafted using 100% cotton paper with gold ink and a sparkling gold ribbon for a truly festive embellishment. As with all letterpress and handmade products, there may be some slight variations between your gift tags and those pictured above as examples.

Made with love in Secret Harbour WA. Visit seller for more details.

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