Hardanger Christmas Tree Decoration In White With Gold Glass Beads


Seller: TheCamphorWoodChest

Lacy hand stitched ornament in Hardanger embroidery, embellished with gold glass beads, for your Christmas tree or as a holiday gift. I have used white thread on a white background, with traditional Hardanger style embroidery – I just love it. The gold glass beads pick up the light and gently glow.

The third photograph shows the reverse side.

Length and width – just under 5 cm square
Weight – next to nothing! My kitchen scales won’t register it!

Care: if necessary, sponge with a damp cloth and dry flat. Warm iron, face down on something soft, with a sheet of baking parchment (or something similar) between the decoration and the iron.

Made with love in Melbourne VIC.

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