Eco-Friendly Christmas Mistletoe Gift Wrapping Paper (2 sheets)


Seller: LOKTAA

This shop makes our list for their ethical sourcing and community spirit! This special handmade paper of mistletoe in vibrant red has all the festive feels you need. The exclusive design is screen on eco-friendly paper completely handmade from the fibrous bark of the Daphne Shrub or the Lokta Bush. Once harvested, the plant completely regenerates to full maturity again within 4-5 years, hence saving forest trees and making this a sustainable product.

Sheet Dimensions: 50cm x 70cm
Sheet Weight: ~20gm
Number of Sheets: 2

Home compostable and recyclable.
50% of the net profits goes on to fund children’s education in Nepal via our charity partner Room to Read.
Visit seller for full details and other products.

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