Custom Christmas Holiday Wine Label Sticker


Seller: CocoPress

Celebrate in style this Christmas, with these beautiful printed wine bottle labels that will make your Christmas gift giving a breeze! Just choose your favourite bottle of wine and apply these wine labels to create unique and custom Christmas gift perfect for family, friends, co workers, teachers just about anyone you want to remember and give thanks to this holiday season.

Just buy a bottle of wine, remove the front label and apply new one for the perfect personalized gift.

Size of large wine label is 14.8 x 10.5cm
Size of Small Wine Label is 10.5 x 7.4cm

Please note:
Every bottle of wine (champagne, alcohol, etc.) has a different size and shape label.
These custom wine labels will work best with a tall straight/smooth sided wine bottle, you will avoid wrinkles and be more likely to apply right the first time.
Your wine labels are meant to go on a clean bottle with the original label removed for best results, as opposed to “over top” of existing labels.

Made with love in Secret Harbour WA. Visit seller for more details.

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