Christmas Gnome with Red Hat


Seller: Showeredwlullabies

These gnomes are always ready to bring some quirkiness to your home decor. With their fluffy beards, cute little noses and oversized hats, they will immediately brighten your home and keep you company!

Every gnome is approximately 14cm tall, with a body and feet made from cotton fabric. The body is filled with rice to help them stand up so please keep them nice and dry. All gnomes come with a crocheted hat, which in this case is made from acrylic yarn, and a wooden-bead nose. Their beards are also hand-made from acrylic yarn, which is unraveled and brushed carefully to give a soft and fluffy look.

Note: This item is made to order – please allow 5-7 days for your item to be made.

Made with love in Gladstone Qld. Visit seller for more details and how to send direct as a gift.

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